A Web Exploration for 5th Grade

The following questions and tasks will lead you through some of the major events, people and places of the American Revolutionary War. The Internet sites have been preselected to help you locate a variety of reliable resources about the war.

Prelude to Revolution - Causes and Early Events

1. Who was the King of England in the 1760's?
Write 2 interesting things that you learned about him.

2. From 1756-1763, the British and French fought over territory in North America. This struggle was called The French and Indian War.
What was the result of this war for the colonists?

3. British Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1765.
Why were the colonists so angry about this act?
Did the colonists really tar and feather the tax collectors? Do you think they did or did not? Use information from the text to help explain your thinking.

4. The Boston Massacre was fought in 1770.
What caused this conflict?
Who was the first black person to die during this event?

5. Look closely at the following picture.
What's happening in the scene?
What notorious event from pre-Revolutionary America is depicted in this scene?
Click on the picture to learn more about it and to view a short movie clip.

6. When and why did the Continental Congress first meet?

Important Places and Events of the Revolution

7. British and American soldiers first exchanged gunshots at the towns of Lexington and Concord.
What was the date of this battle?
Why had the British troops been sent to Concord and Lexington?

8. The American revolutionaries knew that the British were coming to Lexington and Concord.
What system of signals was used to alert them?

9. There were 8 major battles during the Revolutionary War.
Search Yahooligans to find a listing of these battles. Use the key words: "Revolutionary War battles."
Choose one battle. Include at least the following:
What was the date of the battle?
Where did it take place?
Who won?

10. The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson in June of 1776. Read a transcription of the Declaration to find out:
What 3 unalienable rights are named in the document.
3 grievances that are expressed in the declaration.

11. Experience the signing of the Declaration of Independence alongside our forefathers at this interactive site.
Choose "black and white" for the printer.
Sign the document and print.
See a panoramic view of the actual room in Independence Hall where Benjamin Franklin and others signed the Declaration of Independence. Does that look like Ben Franklin in the hallway?

12. The colonists might have lost the war without the help of France. Name two reasons the French were willing to side with the American revolutionaries against England. (Hint: read all three pages to find out.)

13. What, where and when was the last major battle of the war fought?

14. What treaty ended the war? When was it officially ratified by the new United States of America?

15. In what year was our first president elected?
Find an official portrait of him and paste it into your word processing document.
To copy and paste an image from the WWW:
  • Click and hold on the image.
  • Select "copy image" from the popup menu.
  • Open your word processing document and paste.

Important People of the Revolution

16. Use the Wordsmyth web dictionary/thesaurus to look up the following terms .
  • Loyalists
  • patriots
  • Tories
Choose the definition that best fits the word's use during American Revolutionary times.
Copy and paste your answers into a word processing document.
SAVE and print 1 copy of your work.

17. Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and Paul Revere are well known patriots from the War of Independence. What others can you name?
Explore this site to locate names and information about other famous people of the time.
Choose one and print a copy for yourself.
Use the Google search engine to find at least one other source for the person you chose. Write a short biography on that person using these sources.
Include which side of the war he or she was on, and several other interesting facts about the person.

18. What young woman posed as a man so that she could serve for the American Army in the Revolutionary War?
Name one other woman who aided the cause of the American Army.

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19. Test your knowledge of the Road to Revolution with this fun and informative interactive game. 


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